Chairman of the Board

I was born on 01.02.1955 in the village of Günyamaç in the Hafik district of Sivas. In 1969, I started to work as an apprentice of fabric cutter in an underwear producing workshop with 15-person, established by my father Mehmet Şahin and my uncle İbrahim Şahin in Yeşildirek. After working as a fabric cutter for 2 years, I was promoted to chief fabric cutter in 1971 and continued to at section until my military service.
After completing military service between 1975 and 1976, I continued my job until 1979. In 1979, we separated our ways with our uncle İbrahim ŞAHİN. Later, with my father Mehmet ŞAHİN and my brother Ismail ŞAHİN, we took the first steps and established new company ŞAHİNLER Tekstil and our new brand ‘ŞAHİNLER’, We all-out worked day and night in the golden years of textile until 1988.
Our small workshop in Yeşildirek began to come small. So we moved to our new location in 1988 in the Industrial District. Now we have become a small company with 50 people that produces. On the one hand, as the ever-expanding customer continues to manufacture, we have already started construction of our building which is the headquarters of our company in Seyrantepe and we moved to this building in 1999 as well.
During this time, ŞAHINLER brand has been accepted by costumers with quality products and Şahinler Textile had taken its place among the rare companies that only worked with their own equity in the market. We bought Şahinler Han building in Yeşildirek in 2003 and started to work in 2004 in order to enable the products we produce to be sold to this large customer base and to provide logistics more efficiently.
Now Şahinler Textile its own 5000 m2 building and produce ladies-men-children underwear and pajama products in Seyrantepe with its 120-member team under the OEKO-TEX Standard 100® Product Class I standards.On the other hand, Şahinler Textile also bring together its products to its customers at its wholesale building center of 1500 m² in Yeşildirek, whose ownership belongs to itself. Şahinler Textile continues to serve the leading brands of the world, especially in Germany, Italy and Sweden, as it is in the domestic market.
We thank all of our employees who support us with their labor and for their respect for our brand, and with this respect, we will remember the founder of Şahinler Textile, our precious father Mehmet ŞAHİN with respect and mercy


Vice Chairman of the Board
Şahinler Textile, adopted by the community, in high demand a brand as Şahinler I am grateful to our colleagues from the foundation to today, who continue to work in the past and continue to work with us, who have walked along with us and with their labors and our esteemed customers. We constantly improving the brand of Şahinler without compromising in order to be able to serve you better.We will continue to do our best with the power we have received from you.


Production Manager
I was born in Istanbul on January 29, 1977. I started working life in the textile sector in 1996. After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Business Administration in 1998. I started to work as a customer representative in Şahinler Textile in November 2010 after working for a total of fourteen years in various companies, almost all departments. I am very proud to have been working in this well-established company that I have been using this product since my childhoods

Seyrantepe Mahallesi
İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Caddesi
Civan Sokak No:3/1

One of the leading brands in underwear and pajamas sector, ŞAHİNLER TEKSTİL, produces the fabric at its own plants and finalizes the product with all the processes performed within its own plants therefore able to keep the top quality as a standard.